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Current Members

  • Picture of Bryan Pardo

    Bryan Pardo


    Prof. Bryan Pardo is the head of the Interactive Audio Lab, co-director of the Northwestern HCI+Design institute, and a faculty member in the department of Computer Science. His research lies at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, and Signal Processing.

  • Picture of Hugo Flores

    Hugo Flores Garcia

    Doctoral Student

    Hugo Flores Garcia is a doctoral student at Northwestern University and a member of the Interactive Audio Lab. His research interests include audio source separation, designing accessible musical interfaces, and algorithmic composition. Hugo enjoys exploring the ways computers can be used to enhance creative expression, as well as playing jazz guitar. [website]

  • Ethan Manilow in his natural habitat

    Ethan Manilow

    PhD Candidate

    Ethan Manilow is a Phd Candidate in the Interactive Audio Lab. He recieved a BS in Physics and a BFA in Jazz Studies from the University of Michigan in 2013, and afterwords worked for two years as a software engineer at National Instruments in Austin, TX. His research interests include source separation (isolating sounds from audio mixtures), audio imputation (repairing damaged sounds), and making novel software interfaces for musicians and recording engineers. [website]

  • Picture of Max Morrison

    Max Morrison

    PhD Candidate

    Max is a PhD Candidate in the Interactive Audio Lab. He received his BSE in Computer Science and BFA in Performing Arts Technology from the University of Michigan. His research focus is the application of machine learning for controllable audio generation. Max enjoys playing piano and guitar, as well as exploring the National Parks. [website]

  • Picture of Patrick O'Reilly

    Patrick O'Reilly

    Doctoral Student

    Patrick O’Reilly is a doctoral student at Northwestern University and a member of the Interactive Audio Lab. He received a BA in Mathematics and Music from Carleton College and an MS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago. His research interests include adversarial robustness, music information retrieval, and generative models for audio. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar and writing music.

  • Picture of Erika Rumbold

    Erika Rumbold

    Master's Student

    Erika is a Computer Science masters student in the Interactive Audio Lab. She received her BA in Computer Science from Ithaca College, as well as completed minor studies in Music and Audio Production. Her research interests include music cognition, audio quality evaluation, and music information retrieval. She is a violinist and also enjoys playing tabletop and video games.

  • Picture of Noah Schaffer

    Noah Schaffer


    Noah is a BS/MS student in computer science interested in source separation and generative modeling for audio. In his free time, he enjoys playing guitar and is a percussionist in the Northwestern Marching Band.

  • Picture of Aldo Aguilar

    Aldo Aguilar


    Aldo is a Computer Science undergraduate in the the McCormick School of Engineering. His research interests include DSP and meta learning. He is currently working with Hugo on designing deep learning-based accessible audio production tools using Audacity. Aldo likes to spend his free time with his cat, playing the EWI, and reading.

  • Picture of Andreas Bugler

    Andreas Bugler


    Andreas is currently a undergraduate student working towards a BS in computer science at Northwestern. He is interested in machine learning and music information retrieval. In his free time, he plays classical guitar and enjoys the outdoors.


  • Picture of Fatemeh Pishdadian

    Fatemeh Pishdadian

    Research Engineer, Apple

    Fatemeh defended her dissertation in October 2020 in in the Department of Computer Science. Her research interest lies in the application of signal processing and machine learning techniques to the analysis of audio/music. She is currently a research engineer at Apple.

  • Picture of Bongjun Kim

    Bongjun Kim

    Research Scientist, 3M

    Bongjun Kim is a 2020 Ph.D. graduate from the Department of Computer Science at Northwestern University. He received his BS/MS in Industrial Engineering from Ajou University, and MS in Culture Technology from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). His research interests include computational analysis of sound scenes and events (e.g. sound event detection), human-in-the-loop interfaces for audio annotation, interactive machine learning, and multimedia information retrieval. [website]. He is currently a research scientist at 3M.

  • Picture of Prem Seetharaman

    Prem Seetharaman

    Research Scientist, Descript

    Prem got his PhD from Northwestern University in the Interactive Audio Lab, under Prof. Bryan Pardo in 2019. The objective of his research is to create machines that can understand the auditory world like humans can. He works in machine learning, music information retrieval, audio source separation, music structure and similarity, acoustics, and human computer interaction. He is currently a research scientist at Descript.

  • Picture of Alex Fang

    Alex Fang

    MM Piano, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

    Alex graduated from Northwestern in fall 2019 with a BA/MS in computer science and a BM in piano performance. He is currently continuing his studies in piano as a graduate student at San Francisco Conservatory of Music. He is interested in incorporating music knowledge into building and evaluating music generation systems, and thinking about how technology can be integrated in music education.

  • Picture of Alisa Liu

    Alisa Liu

    PhD Candidate, University of Washington

    Alisa graduated from Northwestern in spring 2020 with BA degrees in computer science and math, and identifies with the NLP and computer audition communities. She is now a doctoral student in computer science at the University of Washington. Her current interests include audio source separation, common sense reasoning, and text generation, among many other things.

  • portrait of Mark Cartwright

    Mark Cartwright

    Assistant Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Department of Informatics

    Mark Cartwright is Brooklyn-based computer scientist and musician. He joined New Jersey Institute of Technology as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Informatics in January 2021. His research lies at the intersection of human-computer interaction, audio signal processing, and machine learning. He completed his PhD in computer science at Northwestern University as a member of the Interactive Audio Lab.

  • portrait of Julia Wilkins

    Julia Wilkins

    Data Scientist, Sonos

    Julia Wilkins is a Data Scientist/Engineer on the Product Data Team team at Sonos. She is passionate about inspiring young women in Computer Science and animal welfare, and contributes to a range of volunteer organizations including the Microsoft TEALS teaching program and the Seattle Animal Shelter.

  • portrait of Zafar Rafii

    Zafar Rafii

    Research Engineer, Gracenote

    Zafar Rafii is currently a research engineer at Gracenote. He received a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from both Ecole Nationale Superieure de l’Electronique et de ses Applications (ENSEA) in France and Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago, and a PhD in Computer Science from Northwestern University. Some of the projects he has been working on are, among others, music genre classification, adaptive user interfaces, mono and stereo source separation, speech enhancement, audio fingerprinting and cover Identification.

  • portrait of Jinyu Han

    Jinyu Han

    Software Engineer, Facebook

    Jinyu Han is a software engineer at Facebook. Prior to Facebook, Jinyu has worked at Amazon and Gracenote. He has also collaborated with researchers at Adobe. When he’s not coding, he’s raising a family and living the good life.

  • portrait of Zhiyao Duan

    Zhiyao Duan

    Associate Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Rochester

    Zhiyao is an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Rochester since July 2013. He also holds a secondary appointment in the Department of Computer Science and is affiliated faculty of the Goergen Institute for Data Science.