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Headed by Prof. Bryan Pardo, the Interactive Audio Lab is in the Computer Science Department of Northwestern University. We develop new methods in Machine Learning, Signal Processing and Human Computer Interaction to make new tools for understanding and manipulating sound.

Ongoing research in the lab is applied to audio scene labeling, audio source separation, inclusive interfaces, new audio production tools and machine audition models that learn without supervision. For more see our projects page.


  • System diagram of Cerberus

    Cerberus, simultaneous audio separation and transcription

    Ethan Manilow, Prem Seetharaman, Bryan Pardo

    Cerberus is a single deep learning architecture that can simultaneously separate sources in a musical mixture and transcribe those sources.

  • Man with hands over his eyes

    Eyes Free Audio Production

    Bryan Pardo, Hugo Flores Garcia, Jack Wiig, Abir Saha, Anne Marie Piper

    This project focuses on building novel accessible tools for creating audio-based content like music or podcasts. The tools should support the needs of blind creators, whether working independently or on teams with sighted collaborators.

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