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Music Audio Generation

System description

Hugo Flores Garcia, Prem Seetharaman, Rithesh Kumar, Bryan Pardo

We introduce VampNet, a masked acoustic token modeling approach to music audio generation. VampNet, made in collaboration with Descript, lets us sample coherent music from the model by applying a variety of masking approaches (called prompts) during inference. Prompting VampNet appropriately, enables music compression, inpainting, outpainting, continuation, and looping with variation (vamping). This makes VampNet a powerful music co-creation tool.

VampNet is non-autoregressive, leveraging a bidirectional transformer architecture that attends to all tokens in a forward pass. With just 36 sampling passes (compared to hundreds in the autoregressive approach), VampNet generates coherent high-fidelity musical waveforms. For more, try the demo listen to our audio examples, read the paper, or peruse the sourcecode.

Live VampNet Demo

Audio Examples


[pdf] H. Flores, P. P. Seetharaman, R. Kumar, and B. Pardo, “VampNet: Music Generation via Masked Acoustic Token Modeling,,” International Society of the Society of Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR), 2023.