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Machine Perception of Music and Audio

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Course Description

This course covers machine extraction of structure in audio files covering areas such as source separation (unmixing audio recordings into individual component sounds), sound object recognition (labeling sounds), melody tracking, beat tracking, and perceptual mapping of audio to machine-quantifiable measures.

This course is approved for the Breadth Interfaces & project requirement in the CS curriculum.

Prior programming experience sufficient to be able to do laboratory assignments in PYTHON, implementing algorithms and using libraries without being taught to do so (there is no language instruction on Python). Having taken EECS 211 and 214 would demonstrate this experience.

Course Textbook

Fundamentals of Music Processing opens in a new window

Time & Place

Lecture: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:00PM - 3:50PM Tech L361

Instructors, Office Hours, Online help

Prof. Bryan Pardo opens in a new window Office Hours & Location: Wednesday 4pm - 5pm, Mudd 3115

TA Fatemeh Pishdadian opens in a new window Office Hours & Location: Monday 4pm - 5pm, Mudd 3534

TA Bongjun Kim opens in a new window Office Hours & Location: Friday 2pm - 3pm, Mudd 3534

We’ll be using this piazza page opens in a new window for course discussion and online help.



You can earn 110 points. You’re graded on a basis of 100 points. In other words… 93 and up is an A, 90 - 92 is an A-, 87-89 is a B+, 83-86 is a B, 80-82 is a B-…and so on.

Late Policy

Assignments are due on Canvas by 11:59pm on the due date. Canvas is the only way assignments are accepted. Late assignments are docked 2 points per day, starting IMMEDIATELY. For example, an assignment handed in at 12:00am the next day has 2 points removed. An assignment that is 3 days late will have 6 points removed from the final grade.

Cheating & Academic Dishonesty

Do your own work. Academic dishonesty will be dealt with as laid out in the student handbook. Penalties include failing the class and can be more severe than that. If you have a question about whether something may be considered cheating, ask, prior to submitting your work.


Attendance is not graded.

Course Calendar

Week Date Topic Due Points
1 Mon, Jan 7 Course Intro, Recording Basics    
2 Mon, Jan 14 Pitch, Tuning Systems HW 0 5

And so on.